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What Kind Of Material Is The Mechanical Seal Of The Centrifugal Pump And The Static Ring?
- Dec 07, 2018 -

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The friction pair of the mechanical seal of the centrifugal pump rotates at high speed while receiving a certain pressure to prevent the corrosiveness of the medium and the temperature change. Therefore, the requirements for mechanical seal materials for centrifugal pumps are as follows:

1. Mechanical properties of centrifugal pump mechanical seal: high modulus of elasticity, strength and allowable PV value, low coefficient of friction and coefficient of linear expansion, excellent wear resistance and self-lubricity, and good impermeability Wait.

2, centrifugal pump mechanical seal corrosion performance: has a good chemical play stereotypes, can prevent damage caused by corrosion, abrasion, dissolution and swelling of the medium.

3, centrifugal pump mechanical seal thermal performance release: has good thermal conductivity, heat resistance, cold resistance and temperature adaptation.

Common non-metallic materials for friction pairs are: carbon graphite, ceramics, polytetrafluoroethylene and plastics; common metal materials are: hard alloy, nickel-chromium steel, chrome steel, bronze, carbon steel and cast iron. . In addition, surface treatment such as surfacing, sintering, spraying, and the like can be used to change or improve the surface properties of the material.

When selecting the mechanical seal friction material of the centrifugal pump, the matching performance of the moving ring and the stationary ring should be considered according to the specific conditions. Common centrifugal pump mechanical seal pairing materials are: SiC carbon graphite, SiC-SiC, wc carbon graphite, wc-Wc, Wc-filled polytetrafluoroethylene, wC-bronze, Al203-carbon graphite, Crz03~ carbon graphite, Sitai Alloy - carbon graphite.