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What Is The Effect Of Hydraulic Oil On The Rotating Seal?
- Nov 30, 2018 -

First, the results of the rotating seal material selection must have the following performance characteristics:

a. The sealing ring has certain mechanical and physical properties: such as tensile strength, tensile strength, elongation;

b. The material structure of the sealing ring has a certain elasticity, the hardness is suitable, and the compression permanent deformation is small;

c. The sealing ring is adapted to the working medium, and is not easy to cause swelling, decomposition and hardening;

d. The sealing ring must have the advantage of wear resistance and have certain tear resistance;

e. It has high temperature and low temperature aging performance;

Second, what is hydraulic oil (lubricating oil)? What is the effect of hydraulic oil on the rotating seal?

The hydraulic oil pilot is the power that uses the hydraulic pressure as the transmission medium in the hydraulic system, and plays the role of lubrication transmission, anti-corrosion and rust prevention in the hydraulic system. For hydraulic oil, the requirements of the viscosity of the hydraulic device at the working temperature and the starting temperature should be met first. Since the viscosity change of the oil is directly related to the hydraulic action, the transfer efficiency and the transfer accuracy, the viscosity temperature performance of the oil is also required. Shear stability should meet the various needs of different applications. Therefore, the importance of hydraulic oil can not be underestimated.

The advantages of the performance of the rotating seal ring, any sealing material can not have all the above characteristics, must choose the appropriate sealing ring material according to the working environment, temperature, pressure, medium and movement, and meet the formulation formula of the material to meet Certain requirements or use some auxiliary sealing tools to enhance the sealing and so on.

The sealing effect is formed by the contact type, and the factors affecting the sealing effect of the rotating sealing ring are the selection of the sealing structure and the formation of the oil film, the pressure, the temperature, the compatibility of the material, the material, the hardness, the geometric shape of the working surface contacted by the dynamic sealing, Surface finish, etc. However, the compatibility of hydraulic oil and sealing material is very important. If a tiny dust particle appears in the hydraulic oil, it will cause the surface friction of the rotating sealing ring, and the grinding debris generated by the hydraulic oil will not rotate. The seal was damaged and failed, and the colleague also failed to cause secondary pollution of the hydraulic oil.