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The General Knowledge Of The Sealing Parts Purchase
- Jul 06, 2018 -

One epoxy modified one-component products

1 density ranging from 1.1 to 2.8, curing time of 50 degrees/4 hours or 110 degrees/30 minutes or 110 degrees/50 minutes;

2 with moderate thixotropy, draped over the circuit board can cover and wrap the electronic components, the glue can be crushed by itself, but not flowing, baking and curing process does not flow, to maintain the original shape;

3 Curing Black or amber light, the circuit board and electronic components of the strong adhesion, and can withstand 200-300 ℃ high-temperature and acid alkali corrosion and resistance to various solvent erosion;

4 High bonding strength, good heat resistance, excellent solvent-resistant performance, the adhesion can achieve device damage, temperature can also achieve device damage, curing material is not subject to professional solvent erosion, the circuit and electronic components can be beneficial protection, to prevent internal technology leaks;

5 This product is applicable to the secrecy potting of electronic devices, after curing has a strong solvent resistance, can withstand the long-term immersion of organic solvents, with extremely high thermal deformation temperature, can resist high-temperature damage, at the same time with good hardness and wear resistance, can resist the etching of general cutting tools damage.

6 Use this product to seal the electronic circuit, has the extremely good decryption-proof nature.

7 This product is easy to use, long storage period, high bonding strength, fast curing speed, low shrinkage rate, non-toxic harmless and so on. 8 Room temperature Storage 70 days, refrigerator storage for more than six months.