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The Function Of The Seal Ring, The Points Should Attention When Use Mechanical Seal(7)
- Jan 01, 2019 -

3, running

(1) If there is a slight leakage after the pump is started, it should be observed for a while. If the leakage is still not reduced if the operation is continued for 4 hours, the pump should be stopped.

(2) The operating pressure of the pump should be stable and the pressure fluctuation should be no more than 1 kg/cm 2 .

(3) During the operation of the pump, evacuation should be avoided to avoid dry friction and seal damage on the sealing surface.

(4) Sealing should be checked frequently. During operation, when the leakage exceeds the standard, the heavy oil is not more than 5 drops/min, and the light oil is not more than 10/min. If there is no improvement trend within 2-3 days, the pump plug should be stopped to check the sealing device.