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The Function Of The Seal Ring, The Points Should Attention When Use Mechanical Seal(4)
- Dec 27, 2018 -

2. Precautions during disassembly

a. Be careful when disassembling the mechanical seal. Do not use the hand hammer and the flat shovel to avoid damage to the sealing components. A pair of wire hooks can be made, and the sealing device is pulled out in the direction of self-supporting profit and loss into the gap of the transmission seat. If the scale is not removed, it should be cleaned before disassembly.

b. If mechanical seals are used at both ends of the pump, take care of each other during assembly and disassembly to prevent loss.

c. For the mechanical seal that has been operated, if there is looseness of the gland to move the seal, the static and dynamic ring parts must be replaced and should not be re-tightened for continued use. Because after the turbulence, the original trajectory of the friction pair will change, and the sealing of the contact surface will be easily damaged.