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Precautions When Installing Mechanical Seals
- Jul 06, 2018 -

1. Be careful to avoid installation errors caused by installation. Tighten the gland should be found in the shaft after the coupling, bolts should be evenly on the support to prevent the gland face deflection, with Feeler check each point, the error is not greater than 0.05 mm. Check the gland and shaft or sleeve diameter of the matching clearance (that is, concentricity), evenly around, with feeler check each point tolerance is not greater than 0.01 mm.

2. The spring compression quantity must carry on according to the stipulation, does not allow has too big or too small phenomenon, requests the error 2.00 millimeters. The General Assembly increases the end-face pressure, the other speed end face wear. Too small can cause less than pressure and can not play a sealing effect.

3. Dynamic ring installation can be guaranteed to be flexible on the axis of movement, the dynamic ring pressure to spring should be able to automatically bounce back.