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Multi-face Sealing Technology
- Oct 19, 2018 -

One, double seal

There are opposed seals and cascade seals in the double seal.

The opposite double seal has a face-to-face double seal and a back-to-back opposed double seal. The pressure of the blocking fluid is higher than the pressure of the process fluid and the pressure of the atmosphere side, and the leakage of the process fluid can be avoided, but the pressure difference between the seals on the atmospheric side is large.

The pressure of the buffer fluid in the series double seal is lower than the pressure of the process fluid and higher than the pressure on the atmospheric side, and the intermediate fluid only acts as a buffer to reduce the pressure difference of the atmospheric side seal.

Second, the middle ring seal

The intermediate ring seal has three uses:

1) high-speed sealing of the intermediate ring rotation for reducing the pV value;

2) two-way gas end face sealing of the static ring positive flow groove or the moving ring reverse flow groove;

3) The pressure and temperature on both sides of the intermediate ring are symmetrical, which can avoid high pressure or high temperature sealing of the intermediate ring of force deformation or thermal deformation.

In addition, the two sides of the intermediate ring seal can be used for both forward and reverse directions.

Three or three seals and multiple seals

Most of the seals are made into a combined seal in which each seal serves its own function.