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Machine Seal Normal Operation And Maintenance Problems
- Oct 10, 2018 -

1. Preparation and precautions before starting

a Comprehensive inspection of the mechanical seal, as well as the complete installation of the attachments and pipelines, and compliance with technical requirements.

b Perform a static pressure test before starting the mechanical seal to check for leaks in the mechanical seal. If there are more leaks, you should find out the reasons and try to eliminate them. If it is still invalid, it should be disassembled and reinstalled. Generally, the static pressure test pressure is 2-3 kg/cm 2 .

c Press the pump to turn the disc to check if it is light and even. If the car is struggling or not moving, check whether the assembly size is wrong and the installation is reasonable.

2, installation and outage

a Keep the sealed chamber filled with liquid before starting. For transporting a solidified medium, steam is applied to heat the sealed chamber to melt the medium. The car must be driven before starting to prevent the soft ring from breaking due to sudden start.

b For mechanical seals that utilize the pump external seal system, the oil seal system should be activated first. Finally stop the oil sealing system after parking.

c After the hot oil pump is stopped, the cooling water of the sealing oil chamber and the end face seal cannot be stopped immediately. When the oil temperature of the end seal is lowered to below 80 degrees, the cooling water can be stopped to avoid damage to the sealing parts.

3, running

a If there is a slight leak after the pump is started, it should be observed for a while. If the leakage is still not reduced if the operation is continued for 4 hours, the pump should be stopped.

b The operating pressure of the pump should be stable and the pressure fluctuation should be no more than 1 kg/cm 2 .

c During pump operation, evacuation should be avoided to avoid dry friction and seal damage on the sealing surface.

The mechanical seal itself is a highly demanding precision component, which has high requirements for design, machining and assembly quality. When using mechanical seals, the various factors of using mechanical seals should be analyzed to make the mechanical seals suitable for the technical requirements of various pumps and the requirements of the medium used and adequate lubrication conditions, so as to ensure long-term reliable operation of the seals.