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Installation Method Of Mechanical Seal
- Oct 15, 2018 -

Mechanical seal components are very strict in terms of manufacturing precision or mounting accuracy. If improperly installed, it will affect the life and sealing performance of the seal. In severe cases, the seal will quickly fail.

(1) Preparations before installation and precautions for installation

1 Check that the type and specifications of the mechanical seal to be installed are correct and that the parts are missing.

2 Check whether the components of the mechanical seal are damaged, especially if the sealing end faces of the moving ring and the static ring are damaged. If damage is found, it is necessary to repair or replace the new parts. Each sealing element needs to be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene to keep the surface of each component free of dust and foreign matter.

Whether there are burrs or groove marks on the surface of the 3 shaft or sleeve and the inner wall of the sealing chamber and the inner surface of the sealing end cover. If burrs or grooves are found, they should be smoothed, polished, and cleaned with gasoline or kerosene. Keep them clean and free of dust and debris on the surface.

4 Do not scrub the moving ring and static ring surface with dirty cloth or cotton gauze. Wipe it with clean soft gauze, absorbent cotton and the like.

5 During the assembly process, it should be kept clean to ensure that the sealing end faces of the moving ring and static ring are not scratched or broken. In order to be more loaded, the surface of the shaft or bushing, the surface of the gland and the sealing ring should be coated with oil. In order to avoid dry friction at the moment of starting.

(2) Assembly sequence

1 assembly of mechanical seal static parts: a. Install the anti-rotation pin into the corresponding hole of the sealed end cover; b. Put the static ring seal ring on the static ring, and install the static ring into the sealed end cover, pay attention to prevent The resale enters the static ring groove. When installing the gland, be careful not to touch the static ring. The bolts should be tightened evenly several times.

2 Mechanical seal rotating parts assembly: The rotating parts of the mechanical seal are assembled one by one on the shaft in order. If there is a bushing, the rotating parts of the mechanical seal are assembled to the bushing on the outside, and then the shaft with the mechanical seal rotating part is fitted to the shaft.

The 3 end caps are mounted on the seal and screwed evenly with screws.

4 It is easy to test the drive. If the plate is not moving or it is difficult, check the assembly size.