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How Mechanical Seals Work
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Mechanical seals are dynamic seals for rotary shafts. They are divided into contact and non-contact. Most of them are currently contact mechanical seals. Non-contact mechanical seals are under development and have attracted attention. Mechanical seals are on machines. Non-functional parts, but it plays a big role in reducing leakage and stabilizing production. Today, 80%~90% of centrifugal pump shaft seals use mechanical seals, where high temperature, high pressure, high speed and corrosion, toxic, easy Combustion, explosive and working conditions, almost all use mechanical seals in harsh occasions, so mechanical seals have become the most important shaft seal method for centrifugal pumps. The following Xiongji network Xiaobian introduces the mechanical seal installation method, working principle, function, technical use, selection method, use precautions, material requirements, sealing and repairing errors.


The mechanical seal works by two sealing surfaces that are perpendicular to each other, flat to the axis of rotation, and a relatively rotating sealing device that relies on elastic elements (such as springs or bellows) and the pressure of the sealing medium. The rotating contact ring and the contact end of the static ring that does not rotate with the shaft generate an appropriate pressing force, so that the two contact end faces are closely fitted, and a very thin liquid film is maintained between the end faces to achieve the purpose of sealing.