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The function Of Liquid Film In Mechanical Seal
- Nov 22, 2018 -

The key to the success of mechanical sealing is to form and maintain a certain thickness of liquid film, and the reasonable pressure per unit area must be controlled between the end faces to maintain this liquid film, so that it can obtain a higher level of mechanical sealing technology and effectively extend the use of mechanical seals. life.

What is a liquid film?

1. Maintain a layer of extremely thin liquid film between the end faces to achieve sealing. This membrane has a liquid film dynamic pressure and a static pressure, which acts to balance the pressure and lubricate the end faces.

2. The reason why the two end faces must be highly smooth and straight is to create a perfect fit for the end face and to make the specific pressure uniform, which is a relative rotary seal.

3. The mechanical seal forms a liquid film, and the dry gas seal forms a gas film. Have a certain stiffness.

4. The thickness of the flow film on the end face of the mechanical seal characterizes the friction state of the friction pair, which directly affects the leakage rate and wear amount of the end face of the mechanical seal, and is also an important parameter for determining the friction heat generation of the end face.

5. The thickness of the liquid film on the end face of a typical mechanical seal is 0.3~3μm, and the thickness of the gas seal on the dry gas seal is 3~5μm, which can maintain good sealing, little leakage and long working life.