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Four Characteristics Of Cavitation Corrosion In Sealing Cavity
- Aug 14, 2018 -

Cavitation in the sealing cavity refers to the intense hydraulic vibration around the mechanical seal, which drives the sealing parts to have rapid axial reciprocating movement, causing serious damage to the seal.Cavitation damage to seals is much more serious than pump pumping.Because the cavitation is accompanied by the liquid vapor ratio, the failure of mechanical seal during pump pumping is also happening in the sealing cavity.In addition, there are the following phenomena, When one of the following phenomena occurs, it is the result of cavitation corrosion in the sealing cavity.

1. The static ring is out of position or anti-rotary pin is bent;

2. The movable ring seal ring (4F-V shape) causes lip curling;

3. The moving ring was "pumped" into the driving seat to jam, and the spring lost its function;

4. When one friction pair is made of brittle materials (such as silicon carbide), flaking occurs on the sealing end surface due to "knock".