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Correct Use, Installation And Overhaul Of Mechanical Seals
- Oct 22, 2018 -

 As a mechanical seal of the sealing device, after being assembled on the machine, there are four sealing points, namely

(1) rubbing between the end faces;

(2) between the moving ring and the shaft (or bushing);

(3), the seal part of the static ring

(4) Between the flange and the end face of the sealed box.

(Note: the shoulder pad or shaft head pad is generally counted as the pump sealing point, not counted)

In order to prevent leakage of these parts and keep the operation stable, the mechanical seal must meet the correct conditions of use, and there are many factors affecting it. Generally, it is required to:

(1) The use and storage methods of mechanical seals must be correct;

(2) The accuracy of the machine on which the mechanical seal is installed must meet the design requirements;

(3) Correct installation, operation, stop, and operation are correct;

(4) The fault and the measures taken against it are appropriate.

For this reason, it is impossible to give a detailed explanation of all these aspects, and only the important matters are described in order to achieve the correct use of the mechanical seal.