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Analysis Of Typical Failure Causes Of Mechanical Seals
- Oct 08, 2018 -

(1) Mechanical seal itself

1. The setting is not in place or uneven.

2. The load factor is too large or the end face specific pressure design is unreasonable.

3, the material is not used properly.

4, the sealing surface is not flat.

5. The sealing surface is too wide or too narrow.

(2) Auxiliary system problems

1. The working conditions are complicated, but there are no auxiliary facilities such as flushing.

2. The flushing tube is blocked.

3. Cooling tube scaling.

(3) Problems with media and working conditions

1. The medium is corrosive.

2. There are solid particles in the medium.

3. The equipment is evacuated.

4. The sealing surface is crystallized.

5. The viscosity of the medium is too large.

(four) pump problems

1. The machining accuracy of the shaft is not good, the string shaft, the jump, and the installation clearance are too large.

2. The vibration is too large after the pump is turned on.

3. The gland pad is not good.

4. The sealed box is not flat.

5. The mechanical seal installation did not reach the amount of compression it should have.