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The advantages of mechanical seals
- Jul 06, 2018 -

① sealing is good. Mechanical seals have the East ring seal ring, static ring seal and seal the end of the three sealing parts, of which East seal ring and static ring seals belong to the static seal, the general sealing is better. The surface finish and flatness of the sealing end face are very high, which is generally in the semi fluid lubrication, the boundary lubrication state, and the leakage is very small. Mechanical seal leakage is generally under 3~5ml/h, according to the use of operating conditions, can also limit the leakage of 0.01ml/h below.

② Long service life.

Mechanical seal seal End surface by the self-lubricating and wear-resistant material composition, but also has a wear compensation mechanism, so can be used for more than half a year, the use of better for up to one or even longer time.

③ does not need to be adjusted regularly. Mechanical seals under the pressure of sealing fluid and elastic force, even if the friction pair wear, the sealing end is always automatically keep snapping.

Therefore, once installed, you do not need to constantly adjust, easy to use, suitable for continuous, automated production.

④ Friction power consumption is small.

Mechanical seals because of the small contact area of the friction pair, and in the semi-fluid lubrication or boundary lubrication condition, the friction power is generally only the 0.2~0.3 of filler seal.

⑤ shafts or bushings do not cause wear.

There is little relative movement between shaft or sleeve and mechanical seal East, which can be reused and reduce the consumption of parts. Strong vibration resistance of

⑥Because of the buffering function, the mechanical seal can still keep good sealing performance when the equipment or the rotating shaft vibrates in a certain range.

⑦ sealing parameters are high, wide range of use. When a reasonable choice of friction pairs of materials and structures, coupled with appropriate flushing, cooling and other support systems, mechanical seals can be widely used in a variety of conditions, especially in the solution of High-temperature, low-temperature, strong corrosion, high speed and other harsh conditions of the seal, show its superiority.