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Notice of selecting mechanical seals
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Each type of machine seal can only be used in the specified range to effectively play a role, improper selection will lead to a significant reduction in sealing performance, shorten life expectancy, or even failure.

The main parameters of the selection are as follows: 

1.The sealing cavity medium pressure P P≤0.8mpa, chooses the Non-equilibrium type, the P≥0.5mpa, chooses the balanced type.

2.Line Speed V

Line speed should be combined with pressure, temperature, medium characteristics, etc. to determine the spring form.

3.The PCV value relates to the stability of the fluid film between the sealing surfaces (vaporization) and the wear resistance of the friction pair.

4.In the absence of external cooling conditions, the maximum operating temperature of the seal is generally determined by the safe use of the auxiliary sealing material.

5.The particularity of the medium Some media will have special requirements for auxiliary seals, such as solvents and other media can not be used fluorine fluoride, mineral oil can not be used EPDM rubber, users should pay special attention to: low viscosity medium easy to produce dry friction to choose the balance type, high viscosity medium suitable for the use of forced transmission structure.

Strong corrosion should be used in the outer-mounted PTFE corrugated pipe seals.