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Mechanical seals follow and use technical requirements
- Jul 06, 2018 -

1.The radial runout of the installed seal spindle shall be ≤0.04mm (0.06mm), the axial channeling momentum ≤0.3mm, and the corresponding parts of the machining shaft and the ring seat are installed according to the standard requirements.

2.Seal cavity, shaft, machine seal parts should be cleaned, no pollution, bump, scratch, especially to prevent impurities, dust, particles into the sealing cavity.

3.The installation is strictly prohibited collision, Savage beat, friction pair surface should be absolutely clean.

4.The static ring gland shall be sufficiently strong to tighten the screws evenly while mounting to ensure that the end face is perpendicular to the axis.

5.After installation with the hand pressure ring, should be retractable and flexible, manual disk should be run freely.

6.The static pressure test is carried out to observe whether there is leakage.

7.Turn on the commissioning, note that there is no abnormal sound

8.When the temperature exceeds 80 ℃, the seal should be cooled by the forced circulation method.

9.The sealing pipe must be kept open and dry friction is strictly prohibited.