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Mechanical seal installation should generally follow the following general
- Jul 06, 2018 -

1.The sealing surface of the main seal ring and the shaft or sleeve must be wiped with a little oil for installation, and in the case of the taboo oil, some clean water or sealing medium can be put on the concrete situation.

2.According to the requirements of the manual assembly, carefully handle, to prevent bump. 3.Each elastic static seal ring should not have a flying edge or a pothole uneven defects, in the assembly more through the sharp edge groove should pay special attention to prevent cutting or twist to twist shape.

4.The working pressure of the main seal ring is synthesized by the pressure of the medium and the spring pressure, so the spring should be kept in the correct working position.

5.Fastening screws, bolts to use the standard tools, uniform force, tightness moderately one, especially the sealing cavity flange bolts, tightness will affect the sealing surface of the required geometrical accuracy.

6. All piping and various devices connected with the seals must be cleaned and kept clean before installation. For this purpose, filter and rotary separator should be installed in the necessary parts.