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Analysis of leakage causes of mechanical seals for pumps
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Pump mechanical seals of various types, models vary, but the leakage point is mainly five places: (l) seals between bushings and shafts

(2) seals between the movable ring and the sleeve

(3) The movable ring, seals between static rings

(4) and seals between static and static rings

(5) sealing end cover and pump body seal in general, the shaft sleeve extension of the axle, seal end cover and pump body leakage between the more easily hair Now and resolved, but need careful observation, especially when the working medium is liquefied gas or high-pressure, poisonous harmful gas, relatively difficult.  

The rest of the leakage intuitively difficult to identify and judge, in the long-term management, maintenance practice on the basis of the leakage symptoms of observation, analysis, research, in order to come to a correct conclusion. First, leakage reason analysis and judgment

1. Leak when installing static test. Mechanical seals after the installation and commissioning, generally to carry out static test, observation of leakage volume. If the leakage is small, many for the dynamic ring or static ring seals exist problems, when the leakage is large, it indicates that there are problems between the dynamic and static ring friction pairs. On the basis of the preliminary observation of the leakage quantity and the judgment of the leaking part, the manual car observation, if there is no obvious change in the leakage volume, static and dynamic ring seals have problems, such as the car leakage when there is a significant change can be determined to be the dynamic and static ring friction pairs exist problems, such as leakage media along the axial injection, the dynamic ring seals exist in the majority of problems, Leakage of the medium to the surrounding spray or from the water cooling hole leakage, most of the static ring sealing ring failure.  

In addition, leakage channels can exist at the same time, but generally there are primary and secondary differences, as long as the observation of meticulous, familiar with the structure, must be able to correctly judge.

2. Leakage occurred during commissioning. Pump mechanical seal After static test, the operation of high-speed rotating centrifugal force, will inhibit the leakage of media. Therefore, when the commissioning of the mechanical seal leakage in the exclusion of shaft and end cover seal failure, is basically due to dynamic, static ring friction caused by damage.